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Varna Koota for Marriage Matching

You mean the one that is found in our horoscopes? The Varna koota is factor in Vedic astrology which is used for match making purpose. Four signs each are divided into 4 categories of a varna each.

कौन सी राशि किस वर्ण कि है -- ब्राह्मण, क्षत्रिय, वैश्य या शूद्र वर्ण की हैं

There are several factors used for this which includes graha maitri, nadi, vashya etc. So one should not confuse this Varna with the actual varna of the person. Source If this is to be considered then all those who are of libra, gemini, and aquarius sign are shudras irrespective of where they are born! Rakesh Joshi Rakesh Joshi Can you please provide any scriptural statement denying the relation between them?

You did mention two people: Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Ramanuja acharya as an example to show that astrological varnas are not same as the varnas by birth. It implies that, if both types varnas are same, then they both fall in to Shudras and my doubt is that why they can't be Shudras? Did it mentioned anywhere that they both are not Shudras based on their birth?

And a gana for example deva. Rakshasha or manushya. Also a varna like shudra or brahmin etc. So, you are saying that the diffrerence between astrological Varnas and Varnas told by Krishna is implicit. And it is such implicit that scriptures didn't either support or reject it.! There are four varnas- Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra.

The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra mentions this as follows And, so on for the other rashis. Rickross Rickross These Varnas are just classification and has nothing to with the actual varna! RakeshJoshi Whether they have anything to do with actual varna or not was not my conern. I was simply answering OP's Q which originally was " What scriptures say varna is determined by rashi? He is asking if its determined by birth or rashi etc. And I'd like to know can astrology tell which varna you belong to or the word varna is used as something else in astrology?

And I have another question about astrology: Is sun sign in Vedic astrology usually like western astrology sun sign? Is it possible that sun signs are equal or different?

Re: Astrology and Varnas? See I wanted to post a link to show you how to do this. When I do this I realized that I had read mine wrong. As for the sun sign, it should be the same in both Western and Vedic natal charts.

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I will give you a heads up, that some of the sites do not do the right calculations sometimes. Mine was wayyy off until I downloaded the free program in my post about Jagannatha Hora. It actually did the calculations for me but also calculated them base on my birth in the West during daylight savings time. So mine was way off every time I had used those other sites. My husband alerted me to this when he put in his info and his sun sign did not match up to his known sign. This was one sure fire way to tell if it's not doing it correctly.

Originally Posted by NayaSurya. Ahh I stand corrected. That is very very interesting to know.

Varna Vyavastha – Caste system | Chiraan's Astrology

My sign is the same in both, I suppose it was wrong to assume this as it obviously isn't always so. I am a writer and today I have spent the day working on the second book. Such marriage is considered to be auspicious. Graha Maitri is used to examine the strength of the love between the couple. This is achieved by comparing the sign lords of the moon in the chart of the bride and groom.

The relationship between the lords differ and points are given according to their friendliness towards each other. Gana is used to identify an individuals temperament. The nakshatra are broken down into 3 groups:. Points are given according to the compatibility of the temperaments of the bride and groom. Refer to the chart below. Bhakoot or Rashikoot testing is used to verify the overall health, welfare and prosperity of a family after marriage.

It is believed that Bhakoot Dosha can affect the intimacy between the couple and cause delays in pregnancy. With a maximum score of 7 points, this is the 2nd most important test and one that causes a lot of anxiety in couples. Bhakoot Dosha is based upon the distance or number counted from the bride's rashi to the groom's rashi and vice versa.

Nadi testing is to check the genetic compatibility of the bride and groom to ensure they are capable of producing healthy children.

Traditionally, the main purpose of marriage was to produce children and further the family lineage. As producing children was the main purpose of marriage, this test provides a maximum score of 8 points which is the highest of any of the Gun Milan tests. The rule for this test is simple in that the bride and groom should not have the same Nadi. If the couple have differing Nadis then 8 points are given. If they have the same Nadi then it is thought that any baby born to the couple will be unhealthy and therefor no points are given.

There are exceptions that can be considered in each test. For example, when testing Nadi, if the male and female are born in the same Rashi but possess different nakshatra and the nakshatra of the groom is before the bride then there is a Nadi Dosha exception. Another example is in the case of a Bhakoot Dosha, this can be removed if the lord of signs are friendly.

Varna Matching in Astakoota

Where no exceptions can be found, remedies maybe applied to lessen or remove the effects of the dosha. An example of a Nadi remedy is the chanting of Mahamrityunjaya mantras. If your Gun Milan results are causing you problems, it is recommended to speak with a qualified astrologist. Many Gun Milan issues can be rectified. If you are searching for a life partner for yourself or a family member, register today.